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The Forum's RPG is now up and running! First thing, before anything else, read the rules! Then, follow the rules! After that, you should know what to do, so get out there and start RPing!

    Forum RPG Now Ready!


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    Forum RPG Now Ready!

    Post by AMV_Ph34r on Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:08 pm

    The forum RPG is now set up and ready! The first thing anyone must do, before doing ANYTHING ELSE, is read the rules, which can be found in the Rules and Questions board under RPG HQ. Read them thoroughly, and make them your bible. There is also some other useful information in the rules section, such as how to make a character bio, and how to roleplay. Make sure you read them carefully, as I expect you to follow them at all times.

    Second item on the list, make a character. If you read the rules, you should know how to do this. After creating the bio, wait. You may want to subscribe to email notification of the topic so you know when it's been approved or declined. Once you get approved, start RPing!

    Any general RPG questions should be asked in this topic, any specific questions should be asked in the Rules and Questions board. Thanks!

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